Friday, 16 December 2011

Android different versions and evolution

Android is a mobile operating system and it is originally started by Android inc. Later in 2005 Android is bought by google. This Android mobile OS is a modified version ofLinux kernal. In the second and third quarter of the 2010, Android OS got higher market share. Below are the some of the version of Android OS.

1.Android 1.0: released on 23rd September 2008.
2, Android 1.5:  It is also known as Cupcake. This Android version is based on Linux kernal 2.6.27 and released on 30th April 2009.
3.Android 1.6: This update is names as Donut and this was based on Linuux kernal 2.6.29. This Android OS update released on 15th September 2009.
4.Android 2.0: This version is called as Eclair and based on 2.6.29 linux kernal. This Android update released on 26th October 2009.
5.Android 2,2: This is names as Froyo and this Android is released on 20th May 2010. This version based on 2.6.32.
6. Android 2.3: This version of the Android is the latest one and currently on market. This version of Android is names as Gingerbread. This is released on 6th Dec 2010 and based onlinux kernal 2.6.35.
7. Android 3.0: This is the coming version of Android and released on 26th Jan 2011(Preview). This version of Android names as Honeycomb.
8. Ice cream sandwich:  This version of Android expected to release in mid of 2011.